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Ready to Start Your Adventure?

We are glad to see that you are interested in joining us. 

But before that happens, we will need to take a few steps.  

Step 1: Verify qualifications

  • Must be US citizen (no waivers available)

  • Age:  10 - completion of high school

  • Complete a physical examination

A medical examination similar to a high school

sports  physical is required for all cadet applicants 
to the Naval Sea Cadet Corps (NSCC) or Navy

League Cadet Corps (NLCC). No one will be denied

admission to the NSCC/NLCC due to a medical

disability. Where a medical condition precludes full, 

unlimited participation, a Request for

Accommodation may be presented by the parent 
or guardian for review so the cadet may participate

in NSCC activities to the maximum extent possible.

  • Must be satisfactorily enrolled in a public or private

       school or a certified home school program

  • Be of good moral character and free of any felony


  • Be unmarried and remain single while in the program


Step 2: Contact Us

We need to know that you’re thinking of joining. 

This will help us ensure that you have all the

information you need to make an informed

decision about joining.  By keeping in touch

with our staff members, you will have access to

guidance on filling out forms and answering any

questions unique to you that may arise. 


Begin your contact with us by emailing us here.


Step 3: Schedule an Interview with the

            Commanding Officer

Our commanding officer personally request an audience

with each new prospective cadet and parent for an

informal initial interview.  The purpose of this interview

is to ensure that both the cadet and the parents

understand the requirements of the program and the

unit.  It also serves as a forum for either party to ask

any questions. 


Please contact the Commanding Officer to schedule

an interview.


Step 4:  Attend a Weekend Drill

  • Once you’ve contacted us, you will be invited to

    attend the next mandatory weekend drill.

  • This will give you an opportunity to see what the

    Sea Cadets are all about.  You will be shown the

    benefits and requirements of the program. 

    We will also answer any questions you have

    about the program.  


Step 5: Fill out enrollment paperwork

  • Once you and your parents have decided to make

    the one year commitment to join the program,

    you must send in the paperwork to get started. 

    The Administrative Officer will assist you through

    the enrollment process.

  • There is an enrollment packet that must be filled

    out in order to enroll.  You can pick up the

    enrollment packet in person during our drill

    weekend or ask the Administrative Officer to

    mail them to your home. 


The forms are listed below:


Cadet Application – This form will contain all of

the vital information we need to know about the

applicant.  It also serves as a parental consent

and public affairs release form.


Report of Medical History - This form documents

all medical issues that may have occurred during the

applicants life.  This information is vital in ensuring

that we provide the safest training possible to the

cadets.  This form is filled out by the applicant and

parents.  Once enrolled, this form must be updated



Report of Medical Examination - This form is

used to document the results of the physical

examination required for enrollment.  It must be

filled out by the examining physician.  If the applicant

has had a physical exam within six months prior

to applying, a new physical does not have to be

conducted; the physician can fill out the form based

on the results of the most recent examination. 


Parent Support Questionnaire – The leadership

of the NSCC is comprised of adult volunteers.  This

form provides the list of volunteer opportunities

available within this program.


Uniform and Equipment Responsibility


All uniform items issued to cadets are the property

of the Kentucky Division and are only on loan to the

cadet.  By signing this form, the parent agrees to

take responsibility for returning all items when the

cadet resigns or graduates from the program.


The following items may be required for the

enrollment package if needed:

  • Immunization record-

         complete and current (Copy needed)

  • Health Insurance Card (Copy needed)

  • Birth certificate (for verification only,

         we will not need to keep a copy)

  • Request for Accommodation


Step 6: Turn in paperwork and enrollment fees

  • Once the paperwork is completed, turn it in to the

    unit.  Ensure that all forms are properly filled out

    and signed where necessary. Both the parents

    and the applicant must sign the application form. 

    Forms can be turned in personally at a regular drill, mailed or emailed to the Commanding Officer.


  • The initial enrollment fee is $240. 

    (Annual re-enrollment is $90.)

    This covers the cadet’s registration, accident

    insurance policy, and costs for uniform accoutrements.  The unit will provide uniforms, as available.  The issued uniforms remain the property of the unit.  Additional items to complete the uniform and any uniform items that need to be replaced will be at an additional cost.


  • Fees may be paid with credit card, check, money

    order, or cash at the unit drill. 

    Make all checks out to Kentucky Division NSCC.


  • You may also make a secure payment online via

    Paypal with a credit card from our Payments page.


      $   90.00 - National NSCC Enrollment fee
      $ 150.00 - Unit enrollment fee                
      $ 240.00 - Total Due (Non-Refundable)



Step 7:  Indoctrination Period

  • All new Sea Cadets are placed in a “recruit” status

    for the time they are in Indoctrination which is

    designed to acclimate a student into the Sea Cadets.

  • During this time, the recruits are expected to

    ​complete their Basic Military Requirements (BMR)

    Correspondence Course, learn the Sea Cadet

    Oath, and the Sailor's Creed.



Contact the Commanding Officer at any time

during the enrollment process if you have any

questions or problems.  We are here to help

you and hope to see you with the unit soon.









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