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Kentucky Division Alumni.... where are they now?

Jonathan B Harris

Sea Cadet graduate Jonathan Broedy Harris is currently attending the US Air Force Academy.

Justin Gray

Sea Cadet graduate Justin Gray was sworn in yesterday (Aug 2017) to the Kentucky National Guard infantry. He signed an 8-year commitment and will attend Boot Camp in January for 14 weeks and possibly stay an additional three weeks for airborne training.  Upon completion of his training he will return to class at the University of Kentucky and join the ROTC program as an E3, working toward becoming an officer.

Obadiah McCray

Bravo Zulu to Recruit Obadiah McCray for graduating from Great Lakes Bootcamp. 

Tyler Wilson

Bravo Zulu to Recruit Tyler Wilson for graduating from Great Lakes Bootcamp on 9/16. Wilson now moves on to Hospital Corpsman A School. 

Tanner Jenkins

Raymond Causey
Message from a Sea Cadet Alumni Parent

Facebook message from Shannon C, November 2016

Hello, I wanted to thank the Kentucky Division for helping to mold my son into a fine Soldier. My son left the Kentucky Division about a year ago. He was PO1 Raymond Causey. He just Graduated from United States Army BCT at Fort Jackson South Carolina. He is currently attending AIT at Fort Jackson. He will be serving in the Kentucky National Guard, 149th MEB in Richmond Kentucky. He is a 42A or Human Resource Specialist. The Sea Cadet Corp is the greatest program I know of for young men and women and I continue to encourage others to join. If you want you can share our story on your Facebook page. Thanks Shannon Causey

Ben Weckenbrock
Tanner Husky
Email from Sarah Huskey, January 2016

Tanner was accepted into the Plebe Class of 2017 and will begin his 2nd class (junior) year later this month. He plays rugby, majors in history with an Arabic minor and he's living his dream. Plebe summer was a "sequence of inconveniences," but thanks to USNSCC and Scouts, to this day he tells people that he was "well prepared for the challenge of Plebe summer"! The summer between Plebe and Youngster years, his first block was learning to sail at USNA, final exam sail to Charleston and back. Then he was off to Thailand for a few weeks aboard the USS John McCain in the South China Sea doing training with the Philippine Navy, monitoring Chinese subs and dodging a typhoon. This summer, he was back at sailing with the final sail being to Rockport, MA and then off to PROTRAMID - a week with Marines at Lajeune, a week with Navy air at Norfolk, a few days on a sub out of King's Bay and then back to Norfolk for surface warfare at Norfolk.

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